Easy exits for bootstrappers, self-funded companies, and profitability-focused founders.

Mudbrick Capital is a micro private equity firm using permanent capital to buy digital businesses that we hold with no intention of selling.

We buy, own & operate profitable digital businesses & assets:
    • Software as a Service (SaaS)
    • Ecommerce
    • Apps & Web Apps
    • Affiliate
    • Online Courses
    • Plug-ins
    • Membership Sites
    • & more

Sell us your “Baby” knowing it’s going to a good home or sell us your Side Project to free up more time and spare cash.

    • AUD/SGD $100,000 – $1,000,000 p.a. in Seller Discretionary Earnings
    • Privately owned and closely held
    • Productised & scalable (not a consultancy or agency)
    • Digital assets, services or consumable downloads only (no physical products or Amazon FBA)
    • A willingness to sell 51 – 100% equity to a new owner who will continue to nurture your business and your team
What to expect when interacting with us:
    • We’re entrepreneurs working with entrepreneurs. We get it and speak your language.
    • We make it easy and low fuss
    • We move fast and communicate clearly, including a “fast no” if it’s not for us.
    • We will connect you to others more appropriate if you’re not the right fit for us
    • We’re human. We won’t bore you with VC, PE, financial engineering jargon.
    • We pay reasonable and fair prices based on net profit. If you’re looking for crazy multiples based on “potential”, we recommend you pursue the VC path.
What’s in a name?

Mudbrick Capital is stewarded by husband and wife team Mike & Claire Boyd. It began as the private holding company for various Boyd family interests before morphing into a more professional investment company.

The name Mudbrick is inspired by where our journey formally began together the day Mike proposed to Claire at Mudbrick Vineyard* on Waiheke Island, New Zealand. Our diamond shaped logo represents the lifelong partnership that was formed that day and reminds us to remain focused on the very long term.

*Note we have no affiliation with Mudbrick Vineyard although we are great fans of their Pinot Noir.


We’re Australian’s, based in Singapore with investment exposure across the USA, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore & Australia. We live and work in the Asia Pacific region yet hold interests globally. The internet has democratised geography so we look at opportunities anywhere in the world provided they’re in English.


We’re not currently taking outside investment. We invest our own permanent capital into each business we purchase. We may open up limited opportunities in the future for equity partners or senior debt providers should more capital be required for larger deals. To express interest in future opportunities, please drop us a line.


We’d love to hear from you even if you’re not ready to sell.

We’re responsive on Twitter with Open DMs at @MudbrickCap & @MikeBoyd or you can send us an email below:

Things we believe in at Mudbrick

At Mudbrick, we view the world a little differently to a lot of the tech industry. We believe in building real businesses, that serve real needs and make real cash from happy customers. We believe in slow sustainable growth and building things we’re proud to own forever. We believe boring is beautiful and delivering a great product for our customers day in & day out is what drives us.

Mudbrick’s View Popular view
Grow sustainably Blitz Scaling
No VC Venture backed
Own companies forever Raise rounds, scale and exit via IPO
Grow sustainably, employ great people for a long time, contribute to our industries, families and communities. Reinvest to grow. Load up on debt, slash expenses and massage the numbers to flip the company for the largest possible exit and move on.
Hire great people from all over the world. Only hire top talent in San Francisco.
Work reasonable hours from wherever you like. Eat meals with your family. See the world. Work from head office with free food, ping pong tables and other perks to keep you working long and late.
$100k, $1M, or $5M per year in owner earnings buys an awful lot of freedom, lifestyle and opportunity when you own the whole pie. Unicorn or nothing.
Enjoy the wealth, rewards and freedom that comes from owning high quality, private, cash flowing companies. Become the next Zuck, Travis or Bezos.
Happy customers, word of mouth and quality content generation keep us here year after year. Paid acquisition via Google & FB advertising using investors funds is rocket fuel for our startup.
Profitability is the core measure of our success. “We’re not yet profitable and it’s not our focus right now…”
Celebrate raising receipts of cash from real customers Celebrate raising rounds of investment from investors